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Bamboo Fibre Bristle Material

December 28, 2022
By Sarah

During our recent development of our third version of our toothbrush, we were joined by a product designer and are in contact with manufacturers in Europe. In the process, until now we had to discover that our last manufacturer that we trusted so far has been untruthful about the contents of the bristle material.

We were surprised to get told that it is highly challenging to create a purely bamboo fibre bristle due to the enzyme environment that would break down the bristles in a short amount of time. After having discussions with a possible European manufacturer and our team, we were advised to test the bristle material of the current collection.

The ISO test disappointed us as the results showed that the bristles do contain Nylon and the bristle material consists of bamboo fibre, Charcoal and Nylon compound. The upside is that the Nylon content is 39% which is lower for toothbrush bristles. We see this unfortunate situation as a possibility to improve the third version of our toothbrush and take up the challenge to lower the nylon or nylon free version.

We gladly already stopped the work with the manufacturer and are happy to shift the production to Europe. We kindly ask you to adjust the information that is displayed with our products. The cleaning and brushing properties are not affected by this issue.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience the issue caused and ask for your understanding that we weren't aware of this issue before and now doing our best to resolve the issue. We placed a disclaimer in the product description to inform about the situation.

Replace The Head, Keep the handle!

Replace The Head, Keep the handle!

Replace The Head, Keep the handle!

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